Reviews From Customers


Reviews From Customers

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4 star ratingI called Doody Guy after fostering a pup who didn't understand that going on a walk meant potty time. The pup would only "go" in my backyard and I was left with a messy yard. Doody Guy came... read more

Walli M. Avatar
Walli M.

5 star ratingWe have three little dogs in our household along with a nice landscaped backyard with grass for the nephews and nieces to play on when they visit. For such small dogs, it's hard to believe that they leave so... read more

Rudy D. Avatar
Rudy D.

5 star ratingVic is awesome! I called him in a pinch when one of my clients left their back yard a mess after we sold it and I was mortified for the buyers. Vic went the very next day after we spoke... read more

Katie B. Avatar
Katie B.

I have been with the Doody Guy for a while. The service is exceptional, at a very reasonable price. He is prompt, does a good job and works with my schedule. I am very satisfied.

Tony Mike Avatar
Tony Mike

5 star ratingWow so many great things to say!!! Every week we have a nice clean backyard! Vic is very nice and offers great service! I highly recommend using them!

Jill J. Avatar
Jill J.

We have been working with Vic for almost a year now. For our initial appointment he was able to do a complete clean up of the yard (it needed it!) at a great price. We have had him coming back... read more

Emily Flitsch Avatar
Emily Flitsch

5 star ratingDoody Guy does the job. Victor loves his job and you can tell he loves dogs. He is quick and efficient when he comes to service the yard. I have a large yard and he manages to get through quickly.... read more

Vicky M. Avatar
Vicky M.

5 star ratingGreat service, works really good and super polite, if anyone wants a good local dude to provide a great service then hire this person.

Juan H. Avatar
Juan H.

5 star ratingI have been using the Doody Guy services for over a year now. I have been nothing but pleased with his service. He goes above and beyond to accommodate my busy schedule, in addition will come before my gardener comes... read more

Lala C. Avatar
Lala C.

5 star ratingVic is a great guy and shows up faithfully every week to pick up dog poop out of my yard. Sometimes in life things happen such as medical conditions that can be life threatening that can enable you from doing... read more

Amy C. Avatar
Amy C.

5 star ratingHe's the MAN!!!!, every pet owners need him, he will make your life easier and your yard clean. I've him servicing my house for about 3 years now. He's very flexible, accommodating, and super super nice!!! If he notice something... read more

Pondy P. Avatar
Pondy P.

5 star ratingVic is a great guy. He does a great job on our yard every time. From Day 1 I could tell he loved his job. He is very reasonably priced and even showed up as scheduled the next week after... read more

Debbie P. Avatar
Debbie P.

5 star ratingI am so glad I found Vic. I highly recommend. He is fast, efficient and never misses a poop. And he will also text you the day of your service and let you know a time range... read more

Carsynn C. Avatar
Carsynn C.

He’s very friendly, communicative and honest. Comes in gets the job done promptly. Used him for past few months and never disappoints.

Priscilla Perez Avatar
Priscilla Perez

5 star ratingExcellent, prompt, professional service. Arrives on time, and always on schedule. For affordability and regularity (no pun intended) you should use the DOODY GUY. I gave him 5 starts but I would give him 10 if I could. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Harvey K. Avatar
Harvey K.

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